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Episode 32 - Blazing Asian Extracts

 Hosts J-Blaze and Co-hosts  @Frank_Gatsby have guests @BlazinAsainExtracts on today's episode. They talk about the 2019 AVNs that are around the corner. J-Blaze talks about leafly.com strain of the year and they smoke review it as well.  

Episode 31 - Rocky Billy Farms

 Host: J-Blaze and Co-Hosts @BootlegBarbiee_ and @Frank_Gastsby Have guests @Rocky_Billy_Farms, @Qweens_Royal_Court and @LiftedLounge916, They talk about How Rocky Billy Farms got started and why they have been helping their community for the past 15 years. Queen’s Management was here to promote 

Episode 30 - Reefer Rangers 3

 Host J-Blaze sits down with everyone again, this week he has @Reefer Rangers, @Frank_Gastsby and @BootlegBarbiee they talk about the laws that passed for Utah and how they have set up a Cannabis Monopoly which should not be allowed,@DoubleDCannbisShow on IG as well. 

Episode 29 - Village Life Farms 3

 Host J-Blaze and Co-Host MakThee Talk with guests @BootlegBarbie, @Frank_Gastby@VillageLifeFarms_ and @PopCornLady916 They all talk about the Royal Dab show and how they put on Doughnuts and Dabs which J-Blaze will be stopping by to get his Dab on Miss. @Frank_Gastsby gave a great toy review tell

Episode 28 - Paradise Sesh

Host J-Blaze and Co-Host MakThee talk with guests @Paradise sesh and Redwood Sesh talk about how you can help the people who were affected in the Notheren California by reaching out directly to them.

Episode 27 - Kidwithheart_

 Host J-Blaze and Co-Host MakThee talk with guests @KidwithHeart_ and @VillageLifeFarms_ @Owen.V2 all about the new cannabis laws and actions as well as all the Adult Porn news that is happening in the industry right now. #MegaChurch is something you will #grow to love!! 

Episode 26 - Reefer Rangers 2nd

 J-Blaze introduces new Co-Host MakThee with guests Reefer Rangers. They all dedicate this episode to Mr. Kevin "Salty Toast". As well they talk about all the Northern California Fires and how all the Northern Cali Cannabis companies are putting together care packages for all the victims..

Episode 25 - I.E Alternatives

 J-Blaze has guests @I.E.Alternatives on along with @BootlegBarbie They all talked about a wide range of cannabis related topics from why Wendy cannot smoke cannabis but consumes only edibles for her cannabis needs. October is National Bully Awareness Month, stand up for yourself and put a stop to 

Episode 24 - Jazzy_J.95

 Host: J-Blaze

Guest: @Jazzy_J.95, Alex and @BootlegBarbie

Today we discussed a range of topics. We dabbed on the rig that @Jazzy_J.95 and Alex brought. They brought some Strawberry Peach wax to dab on that was super fire. 420 went off great with our east coasters We were able to have our guests try

Episode 23 - StaceyLovesWeed


Host: J-Blaze 

Guest : StacyLovesWeed

J-Blaze and Stacy talk about all sorts of fun cannabis information and products. J-Blaze Talked about his first photoshoot as well as the new upcoming HolloWeed upcoming shoot for the Radio Show. Stacy is helping throw an event for the SWOP_Sacramento GET TICKETS

Episode 22 - Reefer Rangers


Host: J-Blaze

Guest: Reefer Rangers

J-Blaze tokes it up with this week's guests @ReeferRangers we all hung out talked about the multiple different ways that Cannabis will help cure people. Want to as well give a big shout out to @purifyextracts for giving us such yummy vape to try!! As well as 

Episode 21 - I.E. Alternatives

 Hosts: Marilyn High and J-Blaze talk about all the latest 420 facts and fiction. Today they had I. E. Alternatives on the show and the brought with them a whole bag of goodies. They brought 2 cakes one bong cake. With official bong! The second was the most amazing tasting carrot cake. 

Episode 20 - The Royal Dab Show

 Hosts Marilyn High and J-Blaze talk about rules and laws that have gone into effect about 420 laws. This week they had "The Royal Dab Show" on as their guest for the Cannabis spotlight segment. Go follow the Royal Dab show on IG @TheRoyalDabShow 

Episode 19 - Glutton Extracts

 Hosts Marilyn High and J-Blaze back at it again for another episode. Today we had the honor of having @Glutton Extracts on the show! They were able to hang out and talk about some interesting cannabis related topics. Hear about how they got there name, its truly a cool story!! 

Episode 18 - Bootleg Barbie

 Hosts: Marilyn High and J-Blaze have a great show with guest @BootlegBarbiee, they review different cannabis strains and talk about some amazing ways to really enjoy yourselves. Later in the Episode they have @SilviaSaigeSex call in and talk about life as a Comedian Pornstar, and how she loves MJ

Episode 17 - Lil_Jay

 Had guest Lil_Jay So_Dope and River on today's episode. We all discuss the healing benefits of cannabis, they all toke it up while hosts Marilyn High and J-Blaze cover the 420 news. After that they went into Sexy News segment and talked about latest adult industry news. 

Episode 16 - Village Life Farms

 Hosts: Marilyn High and J-Blaze had Michael on the show today from Village Life Farms. They all discuss the benefits of cannabis all while getting stoned. Village Life Farms talks about what goes into their growing process they use to supply their patients with product.