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Live from Porterville Ca at a 420 event. Our guests this week was @TheWeedTube. The WeedTube is changing how cannabis is viewed on the internet. Go to and take a look.

Episode 19 - Glutton Extracts

 Hosts Marilyn High and J-Blaze back at it again for another episode. Today we had the honor of having @Glutton Extracts on the show! They were able to hang out and talk about some interesting cannabis related topics. Hear about how they got there name, its truly a cool story!! 

Episode 18 - Bootleg Barbie

 Hosts: Marilyn High and J-Blaze have a great show with guest @BootlegBarbiee, they review different cannabis strains and talk about some amazing ways to really enjoy yourselves. Later in the Episode they have @SilviaSaigeSex call in and talk about life as a Comedian Pornstar, and how she loves MJ

Episode 17 - Lil_Jay

 Had guest Lil_Jay So_Dope and River on today's episode. We all discuss the healing benefits of cannabis, they all toke it up while hosts Marilyn High and J-Blaze cover the 420 news. After that they went into Sexy News segment and talked about latest adult industry news. 

Episode 16 - Village Life Farms

 Hosts: Marilyn High and J-Blaze had Michael on the show today from Village Life Farms. They all discuss the benefits of cannabis all while getting stoned. Village Life Farms talks about what goes into their growing process they use to supply their patients with product. 

Episode 15 - JayLa Inc


This week Marilyn High and J-Blaze have guest JayLa Inc on the show and talk about cannabis info. 420 news covers articles about being high at an amusement parks, A smoke out festival heading to Long Beach lather this year. As well as our XXX news. Come get lit with us, and Smoke Em' if you got Em'

Episode 14 - PTSD Awareness


Episode 14 - June 30th 2018

Host’s J-Blaze and Marilyn High talk about the Smoking Treehouse event.  Also about the Royal Dab Show events. We talk about the 6 best strains to smoke to enjoy 4th of July even more. Today was our PTSD awareness episode.

Episode 13

Hosts: J-Blaz3 and Marilyn High Talk with @Velvet Swing a Cannabis infused lube for stoner couples. We talk about how federal legalization will be arriving sooner than we thought in our 420 news segment. In Sexy News we talk about a few new video's that are coming. Music By @Jazzy_J - Bitch Im Lit! 

Episode 12

Hosts: J-Blaz3 and Marilyn High at it again another week with your latest cannabis related topics. Our guest this week was @TheWeedTube go check out their site at

Episode 11

Our guests this week was @Frea77Show A Cam dominatrix couple who get really hot and heavy in the bedroom. Be sure to check out their 6 year cam anniversary next week! 

Episode 10

J-Blaze and Marilyn High talk to @Kimberleecline1 about what its like being in the Adult industry as a mom, perfect timing because tomorrow is mothers day!!

Episode 9

Live with the Brat Dolls of Alanta

Episode 8

 Live from Potterville Ca, Double D Cannabis show talks about a live 420 event as it happens . 

Episode 7

Episode 6



J-Blaze & Marilyn High celebrate J-Blaze's birthday 

they talk about the revamp of the website at J-Blaze and Marilyn High blaze it up for 420 and smoke on some black diamond (bud strain) They gave the T-Shirt to their contest winner on their Instagram. 

Episode 5

03/31/2018 4PM - 6PM EST

Double D Cannabis Review Show:

Hosts: J-Blaze & Marilyn High

Episode 4

03/17/2018 4PM - 6PM EST

Double D Cannabis Review Show:

Hosts: J-Blaze & Marilyn High

Episode 3

03/17/2018 4PM - 6PM EST

Double D Cannabis Review Show:

Hosts: J-Blaze & Marilyn High