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Double D Cannabis Show
Double D Cannabis Show

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The world’s first adult entertainment, Marijuana, and video game review show. Get the hottest adult industry news while smoking today's recommended strain live with J’Blaze and his co-host Frank Gatsby. Tune in every Saturday from 4pm - 6pm EST. Catch the weekly 420 smoke out and have some of leading stars of the adult industry join in and ask cannabis or video game related questions. Find out the hottest games that your favorite adult actors and actresses like to play as well as their favorite strains of cannabis to consume. Feel free to call into the show with all of your cannabis, video game or adult entertainment questions. Find out what happening in your three favorite worlds all on one show!!

Get your exclusive marijuana talk live from J’Blaze and Co-host Frank_Gatsby while they interview the hottest names in adult entertainment every week. Find out what video games your favorite adult actress likes to play while she smokes her weed! Exclusively on the Demon Seed Radio Network!




All great stories start in the beginning, which for me, would begin April 7th 1984. I had one older sister and a younger brother. My parents where married for a short while before they got divorced. I was born in Jacksonville, FL and grew up in California all my life. My childhood was a bit odd, growing up as a nerdy white kid in the middle of a ghetto was not easy to say the least. Fun times.

Video games is how I spent most of my free time growing up. I was about 16 years old the first time I tried Marijuana, and fell in love with her ever since. I joined the Marine Corps when I was 26 to prove to myself, that I had what it takes to achieve anything I set my mind too. It was very interesting not smoking weed for that duration of my life. I would constantly have dreams that I took a puff and would get in trouble by the Marine Corps. But I did my time and got my Honorable discharge! Semper Fidelis!!

Soon as I got out of the Marines my friends surprised me with a giant welcome home party and I got to re-bond with my first true love. Now I want to spread the news of cannabis, we have listened and believed the lies that were told to us for years and we are now finding out that science is proving all that information wrong. Now it is time to change the status quo and start going against the grain!



The gods graced this planet with Frank_Gatsby Jan 9th 1994. Ms. Gastby is the youngest out of all her siblings. She loves to draw, sing and dance that is how she spent most of her upbringing. During college Ms Gatsby was studying for Broadcasting Journalism until she started earning money for dancing. That opened her to the world of adult entertainment.

Frank Gatsby started stripping in Chicago and understood what her clients wanted very quickly making her a master at her craft. Soon after that she worked in Stockton, California and really started building a name for herself. She built her name up in no time, this caused tension and maybe Ms. Gatsby will tell you how she is now "BlackListed" from most strip clubs. We guarantee its not any reason that you can think of!! 

Because of this Ms. Gatsby became a Cam Model and she has taken CamSoda by strom, becoming one of their sites top performers. CamSoda.com/Sedusa is where she can be found. 

Ms. Gatsby first started her love with cannabis about 5 years ago, she loves the whole smoking process, from breaking up the weed to rolling it in a joint or a fonta wrap. Now she is live every week with Host J-Blaze to talk about all the amazing benefits of cannabis and how it can help your life too!

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